COST Action TU0601



The implementation of the COST Action is supervised and coordinated by the Management committee (MC). The MC is composed of up to two representatives from each signatory country. The MC is coordinated by the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Action.

The scientific work of the Action is organized in three different working groups (WG) and one task group (TG):

WG1: Theoretical and methodological framework

WG2: Modelling of exposures and vulnerability

WG3: Robustness assessment, implementation

TG: Dissemination actions

The WGs are composed of up to two representatives from each signatory country and coordinated by the WG leaders.

The Action Chair, Vice-Chair and the Working Group leaders constitute the steering committee (SC) of this COST Action. Please find the names and contact details of the steering committee members on the right.

A contact list of the Action participants with email and address details can be retrieved from the link listed below:

Detailed contact list of all Action members

Group picture (Kick-off meeting in Brussels 11 April 2007)


Steering Committee
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